Join Us to Profit from Property!

Welcome to BriMort – a company that offers you low risk, high return investment in bricks and mortar. We bring a fresh alternative to the world of property investment. We’ll do all the work - so you don’t have to.

What makes us different?

Well, here are 10 good reasons :-

Superb Returns.     This is a great time to buy with prices at incredible lows.
Equitable.               All property sales profits will be split 50:50 between BriMort and investors
Commitment.          We use our own money to invest with you, so we are financially committed to making it work!
Research.               We find properties to refurbish, sell on or let out, that meet with our selection criteria
Partnership.            BriMort will invest with YOU to purchase FREEHOLD residential property to sell or let out
Ownership.             Buy-to-sell investors will have title to the property in proportion to their share of investment
No hidden charges. Nothing further to pay. You choose your investment stake minimum £2000. That’s it!
No worries.             We set up all legal and financial arrangements for our carefully selected and screened investors
Choice.                    You decide between short term (1 year buy-to-sell) or long term (up to 3 years buy-to-let) investments
We add value.        We refurbish our properties to maximise on future resale value or optimise for the rental  market

We’ll sell the property following completed development work to share in the PROFIT 50:50 with our investor partners. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a GROWTH strategy providing superb investment returns per annum over a longer investment period.

We provide a very personal and professional service and offer transparency in all our transaction dealings.
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